Trending TV Cabinet Designs and Styles

Whether you’d prefer to mount your TV on your wall or have it sit gently on a stand, a TV cabinet is always one lovely way to give you a satisfying viewing experience. Asides the fact that it provides you storage for your media gadgets, it’s capable of giving your interior that touch of artistic style and taste. In the world today, TV cabinets are rich in modern and classic designs and styles, all to give you that extra coziness. Depending on your taste, budget and preference, whether you want it in your living room or bedroom, there are lots of trending TV cabinet styles and designs that you can opt for to soothe that need! Here’s a vast number of them categorized in styles and designs:


Open Shelving: This design has got to be one of the most popular trending designs, especially for folks that seek a setup that is less pronounced but rich in conserving space and affording a visual element that is open. What’s more, it has a usual central frame that plays host to a number of shelves, which give an aesthetic bracket for your TV to take the spotlight in its glory.

Console: This design trend creatively incorporates that useful shelving outlook with an abundant surface area into a concise furniture piece with singular and an encompassing shape. Most of its models have their shelves in a rectangular-shaped structure, which is closable.

Stands with Audio Towers: This is one with a modular form that has imbibed most of the functionality and outlook of a full entertainment center. It comes with well-structured shelves that are quite tall, which pose boldly at both sides of the television itself. All of this allows the easy placement of speakers, multimedia gadgets, and other supplemental equipment.

Hutch: The hutch is fast becoming a trend. It is one impressive furniture piece where the cabinetry is stacked on the top of the horizontal counter space. Its quality adds more aesthetics to any TV set.

Swivel: This is another trending TV cabinet design with its entire structure constructed on a rotating platform, which makes the stand itself easily angled and adjusted in any direction of choice to aid visibility. It’s an excellent choice for TVs that do not have a rotating base.

Floating: This is that design that affords you a wall-mounted unit with an unobtrusive look. What’s more, it comes with shelves and can conceal cords. Depending on what you want, this design can afford you to stand your TV on top, or have it mounted on the wall above the floating stand.

Entertainment Center: This is also one of the high-trending TV cabinets that can add elegance to any given space. It is bold with its rich and detailed construction, artful presentation of the TV and related gadgets, and a luxury filled presence. It is further designed with shelves or closed cabinetry for your other stuff like media collection, books, artworks, etc.


Contemporary: This is the most prominent style as it is largely based on ‘the now.’  It houses a variety of impressive styles that range from ornate to minimalist wood down to metal or mixed material. It is one sure style that makes a grand appearance in any given interior.

Traditional: This style draws out a timeless look that is exceptionally rich with wood tones. It is a cabinet you can creatively arrange with a firm and natural outlook.

Modern: This style is one that places importance on function and form in equal proportion. The modern style usually comes with that bold but minimalist feel that holds a unique and evergreen look.

Industrial: This cabinet style embraces the use of wood and hard steel and has become a trend. It usually appears in gunmetal and other various dark shades. It will beautifully blend with soft natural toned interiors as well as those with loft-style spaces.

Depending on your taste, style, budget, and the feel you want your interior to have, DecoModul houses a wide variety of the latest and trending TV cabinet styles and designs, all made to give you an array of quality options to choose from! You can rest assured that whatever you opt for will make you happy and satisfied whenever you look at your TV unit corner. As long as you’re in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in Dubai, and you want to get yourself a trending TV cabinet with reliable quality, don’t worry. We got you covered! All you have to do is contact us via our website  or @(971) 5555 72 846, and we’ll take it from there.

Ventus 160cm TV Unit / Cabinet

AED 845.00 AED 485.00
Assembly Required
170cm Width

Vesta 170cm TV Unit / Cabinet with Metal Legs

AED 795.00 AED 575.00

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